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Used coffee machines
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Used coffee machines
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CMA 3 Grp Lisa Fully Auto Briarwood Espresso Machine
CMA 3 Grp Lisa Fully Auto Briarwood Espresso Machine
Machine Type: Fully Automated
Power Supply: 30 Amp ~ 6KW
Boiler Capacity: 17 Litres
Dimensions: 970w x 530h x 550d mm
Weight: 82kg
Stock : 1
User Manual: Download PDF manual
Our Price Only: £1,450.00 + VAT

Lease Option: Lease this machine for only £49.02 plus VAT per month.

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Refurbished fully-automatic espresso cappuccino coffee machine finished in stunning 'Briarwood' painted and stainless steel.

A quality reconditioned two group Lisa espresso machine manufactured by CMA Astoria in Italy, just outside Venice. Style, quality, reliability and an ability to extract a fine brew define why these machines are just so good.

This machine has been refurbished through our workshop by our technicians using factory parts and is ready for serious work making wonderful coffee but most importantly making you money!

This particular machine has been formally used by Whitbread PLC in a restaurant environment and are very expensive pieces of equipment. You will see these used throughout Costa shops whom having been selecting this brand for over 25 years.

These are great machines and here are five factors why....

  • Quality of construction - With heavy durable panels, a galvanised chassis and a large capacity boiler these machines are built to last. A strong dependable workhorse with a powerful element for sustained temperature and voluminous boiler for copious steam these are selected by discerning operators.
  • Serviceability - It is all good and fine having a great coffee machine but if an engineer arrives for a routine service and says that he will have to order a spare, and it will take days it will cause both aggravation and potentially expensive. These machines are built to be easily maintained by any good service firm - just ask one! 
  • Reliability - It is paramount that your machine provides dependability, which is one of the reasons why Costa select them. Even with the fastest service support, consider the loss in revenue, in just a few hours a busy site could face not just loss of earnings but turning customers away to their competitors.
  • Extraction - It is vital that one achieves a great cup of coffee and these devices provide consistent temperature and, most importantly, great pressure to create a great extraction.
  • Style - These Italian machines are designed to be centre stage. With classic flowing lines with gleaming detail, these machines are styled to be shown off.


Supplied complete with external pump, pipes and fittings, backflushing plate together with manual, barista guide and instructions.

Please study the photos of the machine, we just love these machines which is why we specialise in them and are agents for them over here in the UK. The model details -

CMA Lisa 2 Group Fully Automatic

Swooping curves and classic styling the Lisa CMA machine fits into most any location.

The two group machine is the most popular model as it isnít too large to take up all your counter space. But armed with a 12 litre boiler employing a 6000 watt element this machine can cope with the busiest of environments. This serious machine will produce coffee drinks as fast as the barista can manage.

The large tank necessitates the pump being separate to the machine, there simply isnít the space inside the frame to accommodate it. However this easily lives beside the required water filter occupying about the space of a shoebox and also makes it easier for servicing requirements.

With a 12 litre tank there is some water available for the odd cup of tea and copious steam pressure, essential for the production of quality coffee.

The steam jet valves have the feature of a half turn for full operation for fast and controlled milk foaming and a large 500ml heat exchangers allows for constant coffee temperature, vital in busy environments.

Fully automatic in that it has pre-programmed water delivery for consistent coffee production, twin steam wands so that two people can steam at the same time. Programmed water delivery, so that you donít have to watch over your cup of Americano simply filling with hot water. All features to assist you to make drinks faster, but at the same time consistently well.

Not only a centre piece of a machine to grace your business but a machine that can produce four espresso shots at a time. These machines are the business and will do the business!

This machine retails new for over £ 4,000

Power rating:  6 KW   Requires hard-wiring into a 30 Amp socket, single-phase (that is, does not requires 3-phase supply) Please note that our technicians can down rate the machine to 20amp should you not have enough power available.
Please note - this machine requires plumbing into the mains water supply, and has an external pump

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