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Used coffee machines
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Used coffee machines

Servicing & Refurbishment

Service is our passion.


With two fully equipped dedicated workshops, a team of four engineers and support staff with over twenty years experience from Astra to Wega we service, repair, fix and supply coffee machines.


Buying a pre-owned espresso machine you have to have the confidence in supply for a commercial application. For a coffee machine will deliver one of the highest gross-profit making areas in your establishment. Unreliability can not only be expensive and time consuming, but also can damage your business! Lost customers may ‘wander’ not only down to the physical lack of availability of coffee, but also when a machine ails, with reduced pressure, the coffee tastes awful due to poor extraction!


When we refurbish a machine we do as much as possible to prevent this happening – your business is our business! When we supply you with a machine we hope to look after you in the future, which is how our operation is organically growing.


When a machine comes into our workshops we give it the five star treatment, a process that may take up to three full days to perform.

  • Inspection While we may be told the history of a machine, we have rarely seen a written service history. It is always best to do a primary visual inspection first so we strip all the panels off and take a good hard look. We inspect for scale, leaks and electrical maladies. De-clothed and naked, often potential problems can be identified, even though they may not have affected the operation of the machine.

  • Test All ‘naked’ machines are then run to check operation. Full fault diagnosis is performed to check the machine thoroughly and all functions are tested to make sure that it is operationally sound.

  • Repair & Service The machine is then switched off and allowed to cool (they get very hot!). If any faults are diagnosed they are remedied and a front end service is performed. If any faults have been detected, and remedial action effected, the machine will be tested again to ensure that all is well.

  • Polish & Prepare One area that we constantly see overlooked is the final preparation for visual impact. With dramatic styling these devices are designed to be shown off, so every effort is made to make them gleam. After cleansing the painted areas are treated for lustre and the panels are polished and buffed to make them shine. You could call this a full valet, a very important process so they can grace the front of your operation and provide enticement for coffee lovers.

  • Report Having performed all this work it is necessary to document it so we write a service report so that this may be kept with the documents of the machine providing a service history. This record can then be referred to during future periodic routine maintenance.

Our machine service is provided by four trained dedicated service engineers with more than two decades of experience between them. We also have the backup of in excess of 12 parts suppliers.


Our aim is to deliver you a machine that will provide you with years of reliable service at a fraction of the price of new.


‘Second Hand Does Not Have To Mean Second Best’


I hope that we may be of service.


Martin Carwardine


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